About Ignite Cardiff

Ignite is an event held in over 100 cities worldwide. At the events Ignite presenters share their personal and professional passions, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for a total of just five minutes.

The idea to run an Ignite event in Cardiff came from Neil Cocker (founder of Nocci) and Claire Scantlebury (co-founder of Cardiff Web Scene) sitting down over coffee on October 2008 to work out what sort of event could be run to get the two industries together.

The conclusion was, webby people will always need creatives and vice-versa but then the trick was to find a format that would work well for both audiences.  After discussing a number of options the subject of Pecha Kucha came up, a format that originated in Tokyo in 2003 that is based on 20 images that each show for 20 seconds.  After a bit of research in this particular format the subject of Ignite came up.

IC2 Programme

Started in Seattle in December 2006, Ignite is supported by O’Reilly and events are held all over the world – but the concept had, at this point not been brought to the UK.  This was the perfect opportunity to run a UK first, internationally recognised event in Cardiff.  This is something that both Claire and Neil were extremely passionate about and were very keen to show that Wales was capable of doing new and exciting things as well as London.

So in December 2008 Ignite Cardiff was born.  Held out of Soda Bar, with the assistance of Dan Zambonini, sponsored by Skill Set Cymru with approximately 96 people in attendance.  Now over a year later the format has stayed the same but the popularity of Ignite Cardiff  has continued to grow from strength to strength.  Attracting sponsors such as the Lonely Planet, ECCE, SWN Festival, Box UK, The Cardiff Design Festival and the Wales Millennium Centre and seeing audience numbers rise to over 200.

Ignite Cardiff is a free event and will continue to stay that way.  We rely on speakers volunteering their time and sponsors to allow us to pay for programmes and equipment. If you’re interested in either speaking or sponsoring Ignite Cardiff please drop us an email to ignitecardiff@gmail.com.

The success of Ignite Cardiff has also inspired Ignite London, our closest neighbours Ignite Bristol and the brand new Ignite Norwich which has been set up by Mark Stevenson who has been a great help with previous Cardiff events.  The overwhelming popularity of Ignite Cardiff also Inspired Neil and Claire to hold the first TEDxCardiff which was the first TEDx event to take place in Wales.

5 responses to “About Ignite Cardiff

  1. Hi
    I’m interestd in speaking, but the Feb date is a little soon.

    When is the next one?


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